On this episode of Burning Down the House, our host Curtis B. Wayne is in the studio with architect Victoria Meyers of Hanrahan Meyers. Tune in to hear about how poetics, music, and sound art has become entwined in Victoria's work. Listen to works by Harry Partch and John Cage; Curtis says these works speak to the architecture of John Johansen. Hear about Victoria's collaboration with sound artist Michael Schumacher: a building covered with frit patterns that trigger sound and music on the iPhone. Hear some architecturally influential pieces from musicians and composers such as John Cage's "Sonata No. 5 for Prepared Piano", and Philip Glass's "1,000 Airplanes on the Roof". Finally, listen to hear about some of Victoria's other projects, including the Bridge Studio on the Delaware River and the Infinity Chapel above Washington Square Park. This program has been brought to you by Edwards.

"If you're an artist, and you're operating well within you art form, you probably know the history of that art form really well- so you're always sampling."

"You really need to know how to make beautiful drawings with your own hands to find your own style."

-- Victoria Meyers on Burning Down the House