This week on Chef's Story, host Dorothy Cann Hamilton is joined by
American chef in Paris Daniel Rose, chef/owner of Spring restaurant in
France. He discusses his education in Paris and the parallels between
his philosophy studies and cooking. Hear Rose talk about the
importance of cooking in French culture and the way in which he came
to cultivate an incredible relationship with French cooking that
eventually led to the opening of Spring. Learn about Rose's experience
as a young cook in France and the invaluable knowledge he gained that
he now passes on to his team. Tune in as Rose talks about opening a
restaurant and what excites him in the culinary world today. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"All the restaurants in NYC today are essentially French restaurants. The technique is different, but the way they're constructed and the way the customer interacts with them is very French." [19:20]

"You're never really ready to open your own place. The only thing that makes you ready for it is when you decide to do it." [30:15]

"I realized that the thing I liked [most] about cooking wasn't the cooking, but all the other things I was learning." [31:56]

--chef Daniel Rose on Chef's Story