Michael Lomonaco has NYC and Brooklyn in his blood, and he's here to share his culinary journey on Chef's Story with Dorothy Cann Hamilton. Tune in and hear what it was like growing up in Bensonhurst in an Italian American family and cooking things like zeppoli and cranberry beans at home. Hear how Michael quit acting to pursue cooking by attending culinary school, and eventually going on to cook at Le Cirque and the 21 Club. Listen in as he recounts his experience as the Executive Chef at Windows on the World at the World Trade Center during 9/11, and describes his current position as Executive Chef/Partner at Porter House NY. This program was sponsored by Brooklyn Slate.

"On the job training is great - but it's not the full immersion that you can get in an academic setting." [19:28]

"Food has become entertainment. Today people don't buy tickets to a show - they go to a bar or a restaurant and that's the show." [27:00]

"In order to be free as a creative person - you need to really know your instrument. The French are famous for calling the stove the piano." [29:30]

--Chef Michael Lomonaco on Chef's Story