It’s no secret that Marcus Samuelsson is a star. He was the youngest chef to get a 3 star review from the New York Times. He’s cooked at the White House. He’s received numerous awards – too many to count. He’s one of the most recognized and celebrated chefs working today, and he’s this week’s guest on Chef’s Story with Dorothy Cann Hamilton. Hear his thoughts on everything from cultural identity to culinary camaraderie on a candid and conversational conversation. This program was sponsored by Edwards VA Ham.

“Fashion doesn’t interest me as a medium. Style always interests me. As a chef, you don’t cook generic [food], you have a style.” [19:00]

“I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. It made me who I am. For every scar story I can tell you 10-15 camaraderie stories. There’s a sense of love in the kitchen that you can’t describe to people that aren’t a part of our industry. That’s why I stick up for my team.” [30:00]

–Marcus Samuelsson on Chef’s Story