8th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit 2017

"Growing Community, Owning the Future" Part One

Chefs Collaborative was founded in 1993 as a non-profit network focused on inspiring, educating and celebrating chefs and food professionals dedicated to working towards a better, more sustainable food system.  For their 8th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit,  Growing Community – Owning the Future, food professionals from across the country gathered in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 9th - 11th for workshops, networking and engaging discussions on issues such as ethical seafood practices, food waste, meat matters and solutions for the future of sustainable food.

Chefs-Collaborative-Summit-Atlanta-2017-Erik-Meadows-Photography-260The Chefs Collaborative Summit took place at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta – by Erik Meadows Photography

Heritage Radio Network was there to capture the sights and sounds of the summit’s prominent speakers at an event hosted by New York Times food correspondent, Kim Severson. In part one of the summit, attendees heard from Paula Daniels (Co-Founder of the Center for Good Food Purchasing), Martha Mendoza (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Seafood from Slaves), and Tunde Wey (author of Blackness in America). We also caught up with Alice Rolls (Executive Director of Georgia Organics).

Chefs-Collaborative-Summit-Atlanta-2017-Erik-Meadows-Photography-318Tunde Wey in conversation with Julia Bainbridge – by Erik Meadows Photography

List of speakers:

0:08 – Kim Severson, New York Times (moderating throughout)
0:45 – Piper Davis, Grand Central Bakery
6:15 – Steven Satterfield, Miller Union
7:58 – Judith Winfrey, PeachDish
15:48 – Paula Daniels, Center for Good Food Purchasing
43:11 – Martha Mendoza, Pulitzer Prize Winning AP Reporter
59:30 – Tunde Wey, Blackness in America, and Julia Bainbridge, Atlanta Magazine
1:30:38 – Alice Rolls, Georgia Organics

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