On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we sit for un café crème with Clotilde Dusoulier, the Parisian food blogger behind Chocolate & Zucchini. Know for a more Provencal twist, olive oil & vegetable based, rather than the butter and potatoes of Northern France. Upon graduating with a degree in computer science, Clotilde moved to Silicon Valley to code, unintentionally codifying her cooking as a craft. She baked Quiche Lorraine, and her mother’s Gratin Courgette (zucchini casserole), but really was hoping to fall in love with the vegetables she had yet to embrace. Chocolate & Zucchini plays on French comforts, like Chicken en Croûte (in a bread crust), with the modern mashup of Cauliflower in Brioche, which we’re hoping could be the next cronut! Though Paris is surely taking cues from NYC and Brooklyn trends, they also make it their own, burgers places with French cheese, Poulet rôti (roast chicken) with heritage breeds … don’t worry though, the croissant est encore un crossisant.


*photo by Beatriz da Costa