Canning and preserving has really become a big trend in the food world these days, but how can you take it to the next level? Tune in to this week's episode of Cutting the Curd as Anne Saxelby chats with Kelly Geary, founder of Sweet Deliverance and author of Tart & Sweet. Tart & Sweet provides a fresh tutorial on small batch canning accompanied by gorgeous photography that looks nothing like the dark and dusty "canned food" of yesteryear. The cookbook is packed with more than 101 recipes, from blueberry lemongrass syrup to pickled ramps, as well as county fair favorites like canned peaches and bread-and-butter pickles. There are 25 additional recipes for using your jarred goods in delicious and creative ways, from cocktails to cakes. Tune in and hear more tips and techniques for amateurs and pros alike! Also hear about some delicious jam and cheese pairings. This program was sponsored by Academis Opus Cassius.


"I enjoy experimenting with herbals people aren't using often or different flavor combinations. My flavors change super often by what inspires me." [06:00]

"I'm really fond of sweet jams with mild cheeses." [12:30]

--Kelly Geary on Cutting the Curd