Siobhan Wallace and Alexandra Penfold of Blondie & Brownie collected some of New York City's most delicious street food recipes for their new book, New York á la Cart! Cathy Erway welcomes Siobhan and Alex into the studio for her newly renamed "Eat Your Words". Tune into this episode to learn how Siobhan and Alex convinced so many street vendors to share their secret recipe. Find out how hard it is to become a licensed street vendor, and why licenses stay in families for generations. Is your favorite food truck a black market vendor? Photographer Clay Williams stops by to talk about some of his favorite shoots for the book! What recipes do Siobhan and Alex constantly return to? Find out on this week's Eat Your Words! This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.


"This is kind of like a second coming for street food in New York. This sort of wide-range cuisine has actually been going on since the early 80s, but it was just wasn't really covered en mass until the Internet." [1:40] -- Siobhan Wallace on Eat Your Words

"Seeing the level of interest that people are taking in some of these smaller street vendors has been one of the most awesome experiences." [7:40] -- Alexandra Penfold on Eat Your Words