This week on Food Talk with Michael Colameco, host Mike Colameco welcomes Walker Stern and Joe Ogrodnek to the show. Head chefs and co-owners of two Brooklyn restaurants, Battersby and Dover, they developed a friendship while honing their culinary skills as students at the Culinary Institute of America. After graduating, both worked at Alain Ducasse at the Essex House and individually went on to have distinguished careers at a some of New York City's best restaurants. Since opening its doors in 2011, Battersby has prized itself on sophisticated, yet thoughtful dishes, expert technique, and a unique and welcoming environment. Joe and Walker opened their second restaurant, Dover, in November of 2013 and give Mike the inside scoop on their experiences opening restaurants. Andrew Friedman, founder and chief contributor to the website, shares with Mike that he has made a career of chronicling the life and work of some of the best chefs. He goes on to share that he enjoys writing about parts of the culinary industry that are off the beaten path and that most people aren't aware of and is actually in the process of writing his newest book about the evolution of great American chefs.


"I think if you do a good job and people are impressed, they tell more people. Definitely in New York I think people want to discover something." [15:00]

--Walker Stern on Food Talk

"It occurred to me that I have a lot of access, insight into a world that people are interested in what guys like you do that maybe they don't have and would be interested in." [41:30]

--Andrew Friedman on Food Talk