This week on How to Behave, Brian Keyser and Hannah Howard take on the trend of farm-to-table dinners with Outstanding in the Field! Founder Jim Denevan and Director Leah Schafe join Brian and Hannah via the phonelines to talk about the origins and mission of the organization. Tune in to hear the gang talk about Outstanding in the Field's mystical tour bus and self-invented job titles. Hear about the seasonal nature of Outstanding in the Field's work, and why their events are more than just a meal. Find out who wins this week's edition of "This Week in Behavior" on this installment of How to Behave! Thanks to our sponsor, The International Culinary Center. Music provided by Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord.

"The idea is to make the farmer central, and put his or her story on the plate." [17:00]

-- Jim Denevan on How to Behave