On the second installment of "In the Drink", host Joe Campanele is joined by Shane Benson, owner of New York Vintners. Shane explains how he left Wall Street to pursue his passion in wine and why the work is more gratifying but no less difficult. Hear his thoughts on traditional vs modern winemaking techniques including the growing biodynamic and "organic" movement in wine. Find out why there's "no wrong answer" in wine and what you can do as a consumer to make sure you're drinking the wines that fit your tastes best. Tune in for the on-air tasting which features a Chianti, a Pinot Noir and a South African Cabernet Sauvignon. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"People don't want to be intimidated by wine, they just want a good product."

"Winemakers are the craziest people in the world. The true winemakers are farmers, salesmen, businessmen, and philosophers. They do a little bit of everything."

--Shane Benson of New York Vintners on In the Drink