Katie Parla, a New Jersey native, grew up in an Italian-American restaurant family. She moved to Rome in January 2003, shortly after earning a BA from Yale University in the History of Art. She holds a sommelier certificate from Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori Ristoratori (FISAR) and a master’s degree in Italian gastronomic culture from the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”. In addition to culinary research and lecturing, Katie has written about food and beverage culture for The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The Atlantic, The National Geographic Traveller, and many more. She is also know for her travel apps, Katie Parla’s Rome and Katie Parla’s Istanbul. Tune into this episode to learn how Katie has been tracking the ever-changing food and drink culture in Rome. How did the switch to the Euro affect dining culture in Italy? Learn more about the Italian “aperitivo hour”, and what it means for drinkers. How is the Roman cocktail scene evolving? Tune in to this episode of In the Drink to find out! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA. Music by Obey City.


“In a sense, it was the art and architecture that attracted me to Rome, but the changing food and drink culture is what kept me there. I want to document everything that is happening now.” [4:00]

Katie Parla on In the Drink