Tonight's program is all about vegetables, the anti-meat. Host Joshua David Stein starts the Joshua David Stein Variety Hour....Half Hour", with a dramatic reading of poetry by filmmaker Matthew Reeve, who pronounces the word cauliflower, as in the title of James McMichael's poem '"The Cauliflower" with a lovely West London accent. Reeve also reads, quite nicely, the lyrics to Joshua David Stein's favorite The Beach Boys' song, "Vegetables."

The show's musical guest is the wonderful juan Wauters, who performs both under that name and with his band, The Beets. Wauters and Stein dissect the date that is currently unraveling in front of the studio window. The woman is checking Facebook; the man messages. Juan's friend, Tall Juan, a handsome Argentinean, silently looks on from his seat in the studio.

In the second half, Joshua David Stein reads in his deep baritone a selection from a recent essay he wrote for Eater, entitled, Confessions of a Self-Loathing Carnivore. in which he bemoans his own meat-addiction.. He is joined by conflicted meat eater Tyler Kord, co-owner of the sandwich shop No. 7 Sub. Kord and Stein discuss the dangers inherent in dubbing a sandwich a "vegetarian sandwich" versus a "meat sandwich." "A sandwich is a sandwich," asserts Kord.

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"Everybody knows that there's no more cod left in the ocean." [27:15]

"We could become a straight vegetarian restaurant.....but I think that we would lose all those people who come to the restaurant, order a sandwich and end up loving it even though they ordered a vegetarian sandwich." [32:45]

--Tyler Kord on Joshua David Stein Variety Hour....Half Hour