This week on the Joshua David Stein Variety Hour... Half Hour, host Joshua David Stein is talking about vegetarians making it in the big city. In more than a few New York restaurants meat is the focal point of the dish, while the rest, namely veggies, can be easily forgotten. Joshua brings in his latest restaurant review of Semilla (written for the NY Observer) to help make a case for being "vegetable-forward." Welcoming guest Ryan Sutton, the food critic for, he and Joshua agree that food critics should communicate with one another more often but also debate about their opinions on eating meat. After the break, Joshua welcomes Kyle Forrester to the show for a few of his original musical stylings. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"One of the interesting things about restaurant criticism is that, to a certain extent, we talk past each other. Part of that is good because we're in the business of criticizing and complimenting restaurants rather than criticizing other critics." [3:50]

--Ryan Sutton on the Joshua David Stein Variety Hour... Half Hour