On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN we take the “Seoul Train” to K-town with chef Deuki Hong of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong & co-author Matt Rodbard of “Koreatown: A Coobkook”. For anyone that’s visited 32nd Street between 5th & Broadway in NYC, you’ll see a vertical city built bulgogi Korean BBQ, early morning karaoke rooms, and plenty of soju shots. But that’s just here, there are Koreatowns all across this country (e.g. LA, Duluth GA, Chicago …). First things first, the banchan, small plate gifts for the table, often including some sort of kimchi. There’s bibimbap, hoedeopbap (Korean-style sashimi), dakgangjeong (Korean fried chicken), and after a long night of drinking, haejangguk (hangover stew). What’s so special about Korean food, is that it’s simple, with bases like gochujang (chili paste), doenjang (soy bean paste), and ganjang (soy sauce), you don’t need a new pantry to cook these delicious dishes. So get your singing voice ready, and let’s go to Koreatown!

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