This week on Native, host Briana Kurtz is taking us to Portugal with Chef George Mendes of Aldea. As a first-generation American born to Portuguese parents, George has fond memories of the elaborate, festive meals his family would prepare while he was growing up. Having recently released a new book, My Portugal: Recipes and Stories, George goes on to introduce Briana and listeners to the world of Portuguese cuisine. Offering recipes that showcase the wide range of dishes that come from the coastal country, he truly illustrates the wealth of culinary resources in Portugal which includes fresh seafood, savory meats, and crisp vegetables. After the break, George explains how integral the seafood industry is to the country and how, in his opinion, Portugal offers some of the best fresh seafood in the world. Tune in to catch up with George’s latest happenings, including a new restaurant on the horizon! This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.


“Portuguese culture is really thriving right now.” [4:00]

“It goes back to being a child, my mother immigrated and she started cooking dishes that her grandmother taught her.” [20:10]

George Mendes on Native