This week on Native, host Briana Kurtz is on the line with Kim Kushner, author of The New Kosher: Simple Recipes to Savor & Share.  Kim comes from a huge family - her Moroccan-born mother was raised in Israel, along with eight siblings. Spending childhood summers in Israel with her extended family, Kim learned to cook by eating, and by participating in family feasts. Hands-on experience with fresh and international ingredients gave Kim an edge when she began her studies at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, where she excelled in their Professional Culinary Program.  In her newest book, kosher cooking has been redefined for the modern family. The New Kosher is filled with healthy recipes, exquisite flavors, and a fresh sensibility for the modern lifestyle. Emphasizing fast, easy, and delicious dishes for everyday as well as special occasions, this is your comprehensive guide to kosher cooking. Tune in as Briana and Kim navigate highlights of the book and talk about how this cuisine is evolving.

"Just because you're kosher doesn't mean you have to think of yourself as completely restricted. You can still cook seasonally, beautifully, and fresh using kosher ingredients." [4:00]

--Kim Kushner on Native