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Zaatar. Sumac. Laban. Intrigued? Tune in as Briana Kurtz is in studio with Ziyad Hermez, taking Native listeners through his journey as a Lebanese-New Yorker spreading the manousheh revolution throughout the Big Apple since opening his pop-up bakery, Manousheh NYC. Now with a brick and mortar space in Greenwich Village, Ziyad shares that he was so inspired to realize his space due to the lack of authentic Lebanese food in the city.  Between the traditional Lebanese flatbreads – savory and sweet – all baking is done fresh in their oven and most ingredients hail from Lebanon. Talking his personal favorites and a touch of what's going on in Lebanon right now, this is a show not to be missed.

"[Lebanese cuisine] is aromatic. They tend to use a lot in dessert rose waters and orange blossom water and things like that. In the actual dishes they use a lot of sumac, zaatar, one of my favorite things, laban, it's a strained yogurt." [18:15]

--Ziyad Hermez on Native