This week on Snacky Tunes, Darin Bresnitz is once again joined by guest co-host Travis Hayden. They're in the studio with Mitchell Davis of the James Beard Foundation, and music journalist John Norris of Noisevox and formerly of MTV News. Tune in to hear about the upcoming James Beard Awards, the increasing quality of food across the United States, social media's effect on cooking culture, and some of the parallels between cooking and music. John Norris talks about his time at MTV, his new work on Noisevox, and his thoughts on Fiona Apple's comeback. Tune in to hear John talk about the dichotomy between the constant need for new music and the prevalence of band reunions. Also, hear about John's involvement with PETA, and his beliefs about vegetarianism and veganism. This episode was sponsored by Edwards.


"I beleive there's a craft to cooking, I don't think it's just go to a restaurant and you see a chef's who is 27 years-old and they're cooking their heart out." --Mitchell Davis on Snacky Tunes

"We want 'new, new, new' [music] - but we can't break away from our nostalgia." -- John Norris on Snacky Tunes