This week on Taste Matters, guest host Karen Karp is joined by food journalist and author Jane Black for a discussion on food access, distribution and American food culture. What will it take to get Americans off of their fast food diets? How can we get ripe produce and healthy food into schools and low-income communities? How can corporations assist in improving the way we eat in this country? Hear their thoughts on everything from the soda ban to fast food prices on an inspiring and in-depth conversation of Taste Matters. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"We [Americans] have been told for 50 years that it should be fast, easy, abundant and cheap. That does not equal going home and making soup out of fresh vegetables."

"Corporations need to be part of the solution. If you look at who knows how to make people want things, it's probably not the good food movement - it's probably Kraft."

"I don't think going to McDonald's is really a good deal. Contrary to popular belief, McDonald's targets middle class people. My husband and I cooked three meals a day and kept our grocery bills and our meals ended up costing $2.37 per meal."

--journalist and author Jane Black on Taste Matters