On the first episode of Taste Talks host Sarah Zorin interviews the Vice Chair of Slow Food NYC Jennifer Goggin, and Maxine Bedat, the founder of Zady and the Bootstrap Project. The discussion revolves around the practices of slow food and slow fashion, and how these practices can give us a better understanding of how and where the products we use everyday were made. This program was brought to you by Escape Maker.


“People don’t tend to look at farms as a business, they are and they need to make more money to sustain themselves…having a business knowledge lets me help them.” [20:00]

“The farm has a huge impact on the environmental impact of the garment…the industry is so opaque, no body really knows where their products come from because they have never had to know.” [23:00]

Jennifer Goggin and Maxine Bedat on Taste Talks