This week on Taste Talks, host Sarah Zorn kicks off the show chatting with Gothamist Food Editor, Nell Casey, about new tastes in town! Notably, one such taste is kicking the popular umami flavor to the curb as scientists are touting the fatty or "oleogustus" as a distinct flavor all its own. After the break, Founder of Northside Media, Daniel Stedman joins the show describing how the media group has helped to define and showcase what's next through media, digital and large-scale events. Daniel goes on to share details on the upcoming Taste Talks Festivals where experts in dozens of related fields come together to digest and expound the latest trends in food and drink. What else is coming down the pipeline for Taste Talks? Tune in! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"Chicago, pound for pound, has got to be the best food city in the country." [24:15]

--Daniel Stedman on Taste Talks