We have an incredibly special bilingual interview featuring Arden Lewis, the Executive Chef of Comal Heritage Food Incubator; Erika Rojas, one of the graduates of the program; and Fatima Prieto, Erika’s daughter. Arden, who just relocated from Brooklyn, talks about Comal’s mission, while Erika and Fatima talk about their newly launched business Prieto’s Catering.

Comal Heritage Food Incubator is a social enterprise created by Focus Points Family Resource Center. It is a multi-purpose, shared food space that offers lunch, catering services and cultural activities. The food served at Comal shares traditional and authentic recipes from families in its community with the greater Denver community. Besides serving a variety of delicious cuisines (Mexican, Syrian, and Ethiopian), Comal is a kitchen incubator that teaches aspiring immigrant and refugee women chefs and entrepreneurs a variety of technical and culinary skills, as well as how to launch their own businesses. The model of “learning while earning” creates opportunities for these women to increase their income while also participating in intercultural exchanges with the surrounding community.

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