On today’s episode of The Food Seen, Michael Harlan Turkel is joined by Anna Curran of Cookbook Create. Anna has produced a platform to personally publish cookbooks through the click of a button. How did this trained artist, printmaker, and dancer, bring her background in fine arts to the technology front? Anna curated the SXSW Interactive Cookbook, which includes CEOs of companies like Foursquare, Buzzfeed, and Craigslist, contributing such recipe (and prose) as Mama Crowley’s Mac & Cheese, “How to Order Takeout”, and 5 Ways Garlic and Olive Oil Can Dramatically Improve Your Life. Cookbook Create also serves as a social media forum, drawing from the likes of Facebook and Pinterest, potential authors interacting on the recipe exchange (this week’s “recipes of the week” were Blackened Fish Tacos by Nicole & Mexican Hot Chocolate By Emily Z.). So, what kind of cookbook would you create? This program was sponsored by Rolling Press.

“In this day and age, people learn about food through reading and TV. it’s a very different way to learn cooking – through observation, not doing, seeing and tasting the result.” [16:00]

–Anna Curran on The Food Seen