On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, how does a two-dimensional wallpaper company, transform home decor for a 3D world. This is exactly what Payton Cosell Turner & Brian Kaspr of wallpaper company Flat Vernacular have done with their new venture, Department of Decoration. Inspired by natural elements that surround the sea, DoD’s “Dining Room” collection, includes porcelain plates, cocktail napkins, flatware, linens, and chairs, are accented by colorful matte glazes and calming blue dyes. Their launch included 5 days of gatherings at the High Line Hotel in collaboration with the Spring Street Social Society, which hosted dinners cooked by lauded chefs, and surprise performances by New Orleans jazz bands. Talk about setting the scene. This program was brought to you by Rolling Press.

“Even when I was little, I was obsessed with fake food and dollhouse food.” [28:00]

–Payton Cosell Turner on THE FOOD SEEN

“[Decorating] takes time. A lot of people feel this weird emptiness that it doesn’t like like remodelista, but it will take you a while to get there.” [33:00]

–Brian Kaspr on THE FOOD SEEN