Stephen and David Flynn are twins and founders of The Happy Pear.

The Happy pear began twelve years ago as a fruit & veg shop in their hometown of Greystones, just south of Dublin, Ireland. In that twelve year period, The Happy Pear has expanded to a Café, evening restaurant, sprout farm, food production facility – producing energy bars, pesto, granola and many other plant based delicacies, the happy heart – a health education course, and two best-selling cookbooks.

Stephen and David have an insatiable appetite for life and probably have the most jam-packed days of anybody I have ever met. The Happy Pear is a community of people who want to improve the lives of others and all of this has stemmed from the twins vision to start a food movement with their fruit & veg shop.

In this episode I sat down with Stephen and David in The Happy Pear café in Greystones. They shared the story of their younger years, the profound connection they have to food, the importance of having fun, and how their food movement is taking shape.

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