Today on The Main Course, host Patrick Martins talks to fish expert and author of the book School of Fish, Ben Pollinger. They discuss how he had to come up with a different approach to writing a food book. His approach came naturally as a direct result of cooking at home. He also briefly discusses various fish seasons and his top three year round fish.
In the latter part of the show, we pick up where we left off with the talk given by Carlo Petrini and Alice Waters during their 25th anniversary of Slow Food. This program was brought to you by the International Culinary Center.

"My approach to writing the book developed naturally as a direct result of cooking at home." [1:30]

"I think it's unrealistic to think that we'll never be eating farm fish, it's just an unreal expectation." [9:40]

--Ben Pollinger on The Main Course

"If there's no reflection or philosophy and there's just a bunch of handshaking, then it's not going to serve anything." [25:00]

"80% of the seeds is controlled by only 5 multinational companies" [28:30]

--Carlo Petrini & Alice Waters