Native American cooking, hotel restaurants, Rare Breed sheep, farm tours & southern cuisine. These are a few of the topics covered on this week's jam-packed edition of The Main Course. Host and Heritage Radio Network founder Patrick Martins chats with chef John Sharpe of the Turquoise Room at La Posada in Winslow, Arizona and butcher Michael Sullivan of Blackberry Farm in North Carolina. Tune in and learn the historic La Posada hotel and what it's like working as a quality driven creative chef in the desert and later hear about the agritourism and butchery programs at Blackberry Farm in the Smokey Mountains. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"Right now i'm at the point where i'm able to buy 100-150 head of sheep a year. These animals come in hanging weight in the high 20's to 40 pounds. What I'm hoping to do, and what I've started to do, is be able to pass some of the animals on to other chefs so they can start using them. As we go further I'm hoping somebody will be able to market this meat as a commercial product." [22:00]

--John Sharpe on The Main Course

"Being a restaurant owner - there's a small profit margin. You have to make as much profit as you can - bringing in whole animals does that. You're able to cut your costs and get so many more products out of it." [41:00]

--Michael Sullivan on The Main Course