This week on The Mike & Judy Show, author Jobie Hughes joins the show to talk about his upcoming book "At Dawn" and his experiences writing with controversial writer James Frey. Hear why the opportunity to work with Frey out of Columbia's MFA program helped Jobie build a career for himself and helped steer him back to literary fiction. Learn about Jobie's process including 1,000 quotas and writing outfits. If you're thinking about becoming a writer or trying to make a career of your writing - tune in for some great advice from Jobie Hughes. This program was sponsored by Roberta's.

"For me it was a very positive experience [working with James Frey]. I don't regret it - but that being said literary fiction has always been my passion and I'm happy to move on and write my own books." [9:00]

"MFA programs are really great for people who lack the discipline to sit down and write everyday - I've never had that problem. I write every day regardless." [12:30]

--author Jobie Hughes on The Mike & Judy Show