By now most of you have probably seen this viral video but today Jason Colucci takes you to the man behind the 12 year old, Jeremiah McDonald, to start off the Morning After with a laugh. Then stay tuned as Toby Smith of Toby's Estate coffee talks about taking your trade seriously and, in the case of coffee, the importance of choosing your sources. Following that vein guest artist and piano-wielding chanteuse Stephanie Ault talks about how she got into her trade after following many different paths from acting to working at Mast Brother's Chocolate, which subsequently inspired he latest album. This episode is sponsored by The Hearst Ranch.

"[On the practice of cupping] Cupping, for the trade, is to find defects. But a lot of cupping now is about identifying coffees that really stand out on the table. And the great thing about cupping is that it is a very simple brewing method, you can put 50 cups on a table and cup so many coffees and find one that really stands out."

--Toby Smith of Toby's Estate on The Morning After