It's a new year, and this week's edition of The Morning After concerns New Year's resolutions featuring Mike Lee of Studiofeast and Danielle Gould of Food+Tech Connect! Tune into this episode to learn about the history of Studiofeast, a group that highlights home cooking with eccentric food events! Hear about Mike's experiment with hosting a dinner on New York City's infamous L Train, and his love of high and low brow food juxtapositions! Later, Danielle explains how innovations in technology are changing the food distribution system. How does Danielle look at food businesses big and small to help farmers and distributors? Find out on this week's edition of The Morning After! Thanks to our sponsor, Rolling Press. Music by Sleepies.



"We're just regular home cooks. We're trying to make people rethink the way they cook at home, and that there are more options than what you are used to." [14:00]

-- Mike Lee on The Morning After

"Food is adverse to technology, especially sustainable food, because technology sold it down the river. But we have to look at different kinds of technology!" [40:00]

-- Danielle Gould on The Morning After