Chef Fredrik Berselius has taken his Nordic culinary roots to Williamsburg as the chef at Aska in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tune in to U Look Hungry as Helen Hollyman chats with Chef Fredrik about his inspirations, passion for foraging and future culinary plans. Find out why New York has more to offer for foragers than most would imagine, and how the landscape is different than Chef Fredrik’s native Sweeden. From travel tips to foraging advice, learn all about the New Nordic movement through a Brooklyn lens. This program was sponsored by Tekserve

“The longer I’ve been in New York the more I’ve looked back at where I’m from – flavor memories, etc. I wanted my food [at Aska] to represent how I think and feel.” [2:15]

“I like being outdoors. I like going out and picking whatever I can find for the restaurant. There are a lot of things growing in New York all over the place.” [9:00]

–Fredrick Berslius, chef at Aska, on U Look Hungry