This week on We Dig Plants, Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito are joined by botanical painting collector Isaac M. Sutton. Isaac fell in love with botanical art when he first saw Dr. Shirley Sherwood's collection during its New York debut. Hear how Isaac became educated in botanical art through the Hunt Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and how he learned to identify quality botanical paintings. Learn about some of the artists in Isaac's collection, and hear how his collection was able to travel to the Kew in London! Find out where Isaac likes to eat when visiting the United Kingdom, and listen in to hear Isaac discuss some of his favorite architectural marvels in 'The City'. Learn more about the Alisa & Isaac M. Sutton Collection on this week's edition of We Dig Plants! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Music by Obey City.

"I like to frame my paintings in a way that compliments the painting or enhances it." [28:15]

-- Isaac M. Sutton on We Dig Plants