Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito are celebrating the 18th installment of Plant-O-Rama on this week's edition of We Dig Plants! Alice and Carmen check in with Bob Hyland, one of the founders of Plant-O-Rama. Hear about Bob's history in horticulture, and why he decided to move out to Portland, Oregon. Find out why Plant-O-Rama filled a gap amongst garden enthusiasts in New York City. Find out how the Metro Hort Group helped Alice get her first horticulture job in New York City, and why nursery nerds should consider attending the Plant-O-Rama trade show! Who will be speaking at this year's event? Why, Dave Culp, author of The Layered Garden, will be talking at Plant-O-Rama, and he joins today's program to discuss the future of horticulture! Hear how Dave will elaborate on the relationship between plants and politics in his speech. Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Music by Idgy Dean.



"Few gardens, if any, are made in vacuum. They're made on the shoulders of another garden, or perhaps another movement." [29:45]

"We get out of our gardens what we demand of them." [31:10]

"One of the reasons I love The Highline is because you always see people in it. Gardens are for people." [37:00]

-- Dave Culp on We Dig Plants