Carmen Devito is getting wild with Miriam Goldberger, author of Taming Wildflowers, on this week's edition of We Dig Plants! Tune into this week's edition of the program to learn how Miriam became interested in wildflowers, and how she learned that they worked well at cut flowers. Why are wildflowers so important in supporting pollinators? Hear Miriam explain how lawn cultivation is hurting native plant populations, and how the Midwestern prairie is slowly disappearing. How can gardeners grow wildflowers in their backyards? Learn how wildflowers provide shelter for many species of bugs and butterflies! One gardener's weed is another gardener's flower; celebrate wildflowers on this week's installment of We Dig Plants! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA. Music provided by Pamela Royal.


"There are so many parallels between the aesthetics of dance and garden design because you are talking about color, space, movement, and energy." [10:10]

"I wanted to see if wildflowers could make good cut flowers and- contrary to popular belief- they do!" [13:35]

-- Miriam Goldberger on We Dig Plants