Get a deep look at the state of antibiotic use in the livestock industry on this weeks episode of What Doesn't Kill You. Host Katy Keiffer is joined by Sasha Stashwick, senior advocate at National Resources Defense Council's food and agriculture program, which works on reforming the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"This problem isn't exclusive to the livestock industry. Antibiotic misuse and overuse in human medicine is a big problem as well." [20:00]

"Our goal is to make this a product [antibiotic free chicken] that's accessible to all Americans and all consumers, not just an elite few." [25:00]

"We can vote with our wallets and these big buyers will respond." [41:00]

--Sasha Stashwick on What Doesn't Kill You