This week on the Wild Game Domain, Chef Chad Pagano kicks off the show with a recipe for a wild boar stew! What has inspired this recipe? The New York Department of Environmental Conservation! Find out why the D.E.C. has banned the hunting of wild boars in New York State, and why Chad thinks their plan to curb boar proliferation is faulty. Can hunters solve problems concerning the overpopulation of invasive species? Chef Pagano says, "yes!" Tune in to hear how New York State can profit from the hunting of feral pigs. Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch. Music by Four Lincolns.


"These invasive animals are basically overrunning the South. I've been hearing it for years, 'They're coming north!' And now they're here!" [11:20]

"Each boar is estimated to destroy 11 acres of property in its lifetime." [14:45]

-- Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain