We're hunting plants on this week's episode of Wild Game Domain! Host Chad Pagano trades game for greens and talks to listeners about the many varied benefits of foraging - both in terms of health and sustainability. From guidebooks to salad recipes, learn the ins and outs of picking your own food from the earth. Get an introduction to the most time tested method of finding food and hear some tips from a guy who knows nature. Later in the show - get a great recipe for frittata with garlic mustard greens. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"I guarantee within 10 minutes of leaving this studio I could find something edible growing in the crack of a sidewalk or in the backyard." [02:50]

"If we can take foraging as a movement to the next level - we can really make a dent in conservation and sustainability. If you're foraging for your food - you're part of the solution." [09:50]

--Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain