This week, to celebrate Dry Cider January, Beer Sessions Radio is diving into the cider scene in the Finger Lakes, NY. Jimmy welcomes Autumn Stoschek from Eve’s Cidery in Van Etten, NY; Melissa Madden from Open Spaces Cider in Trumansburg, NY; and Deva Maas from Redbyrd Orchard Cider in Trumansburg, NY. 

Autumn, Melissa, and Deva each work on cideries and orchards that practice regenerative agriculture. To start the show off, they each offer Jimmy a run-through of exactly what this buzzy term means. In fact, despite its recent popularity, regenerative agriculture is actually working to revert back to a more traditional method of farming - one that creates an abundance of product, but also repairs and improves the land. 

Autumn explains how the legacy of problems existing on land and within society are all interconnected, and committing to reparations is crucial in order to make agriculture more inclusive. The cideries have become starting points to help members of the community engage and take steps towards making reparations. 

All three agree that there is a lot of emotional labor that goes into navigating the best approach. But members of the community and thoughtful customers have shown up, proving demand for wanting to create a better future. 

Cider list: 

Eve's Cider, Autumn’s Gold 

Redbyrd Orchard Cider, Star Blossom 

Open Spaces Cider, FLX Forest Pet Nat 2020 (not yet available).

Melissa Madden from Open Spaces Cider

Deva Maas from Redbyrd Orchard Cider

Photos Courtesy of Melissa Madden and Deva Maas.

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