Tune in for a fascinating episode about everyone's favorite bivalves!  Talking clams and oysters, Animal Instinct host Celia Kutcher welcomes the Oyster Baron von Clam Man himself, Nolan Meredith to the studio.  Between the typical lifespan, breeding patterns, environmental impact, and details on Nolan's oyster farm, Celia gets to the bottom of how he got into the business plus his thoughts on oyster "merroir" and more!  Heritage Radio's Patrick Martins and Alexes McLaughlin join in the fun too, taste some oysters, and learn all about the clam and oyster industry.

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"One oyster will filter 50 gallons of water a day." [2:45]

"The best hangover cure I know of is a clam!" [21:30]

--Nolan Meredith on Animal Instinct