Design criticism is the topic on today's episode of After the Jump. Today, Grace Bonney is joined by Alexandra Lange, an architecture and design critic. Specifically, Grace and Alexandra are talking about the recent trend of "cuteness" in craft. Tune in to hear Grace and Alexandra analyze the slew of craft and design shows on television, such as Project Runway and Craft Wars. Why are these programs unable to communicate the essence of the design world? Later, Grace and Alexandra discuss the role of the Internet for makers, and how it allows everyone to share their work easily. Does this dilute quality of crafts being produced? Finally, tune in to hear Grace and Alexandra talk about criticism in the blogosphere, and the need for transparency amongst tastemakers. This episode has been brought to you by Clarkson Potter Publishers.


"It's definitely a crusade of mine to get the references back into design, even if it's new design."

"Part of making has become sharing what you've made in a very public way."

-- Alexandra Lange on After the Jump