On the second installment of After the Jump, Grace Bonney chats with the women behind her favorite website at the moment, Of a Kind. Hear how Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo met and decided to turn the design world upside down with their wildly successful website featuring limited-edition products and stories from emerging fashion designers. Learn more about the nature of online sales and how they aspire to make the experience more personal and hands on. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


“I worked in the magazine industry at a time when so many big publications were folding. Clearly people were buying things that were being written about in the magazines, but the magazines themselves weren’t seeing enough ad revenue to be kept up. I thought why not break down that publisher/editor wall and just sell the things we were writing about and write about the things we really believe in.”
–Erica Cerulo of Of a Kind on After the Jump”

The future of arts management is about taking the internet and leveraging it to disrupt the systems that have been in place forever and giving artists the opportunity to market and produce their work without having to go through this gallery system that is very closed and insular.”
–Claire Mazur of Of a Kind on After the Jump