This week on Beers Sessions Radio, Jimmy is talking beer bars and shops with Ed Berestecki, Lea Rumbolo, Zach Mack, and the Beerded Ladies: Haley Karl and Meredith Heil. Ed is about to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Mugs Alehouse; find out why Ed keeps legacy beers on tap at all times. Lea Rumbolo is the brewer at The Ship Inn brewpub in Millford, New Jersey. Learn about Lea's brewing style, and why she focuses on English styles at The Ship Inn. Why is Ringwood yeast so difficult to use for brewing? Zach Mack talks about his move from the wine industry to the beer business, and hear why he finds bottle shops important to beer culture. Later, the Beerded Ladies talk about their foray into event-hosting, and why they banded together in their beer writing adventures. You don't want to miss this week's installment of Beer Sessions Radio; tune in! Thanks to our sponsor, Music has been provided by Dead Stars.


"Bottle shops are the answer to the wine store, but they're even better because you can enjoy a pint there." [28:00]

-- Meredith Heil on Beer Sessions Radio

"If you go outside the temperature limits for the Ringwood yeast, you start to get off-flavors." [43:00]

-- Lea Rumbolo on Beer Sessions Radio