This week's guest on Chef's Story is Robert Surles, better known as Chef Bobo, Executive Chef at The Calhoun School and a leader in the school food revolution. Tune in to hear how he discovered cooking and went from a freelance chef at ING to cooking for Derek Jeter. Chef Bobo explains how he tries to transform the way children eat in cafeterias at schools, and why it's not always easy to break bad food habits. From fresh pasta to salad bars to chicken etouffee, Chef Bobo has dedicated his career to making sure kids are introduced to the highest quality foods and learn about healthy eating. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"Kids [actually] love vegetables!"

"Our chefs not only cook the food, they serve it. They encourage the kids. There's something magic about that white jacket we take out there."

"High school seniors that have eaten my food at the school for 10 years can't even eat at fast food restaurants anymore. The overlying taste has become offensive to them."

--Chef Bobo on Chef's Story