Can you make high quality bread with bread machine? This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold and Nastassia "The Hammer" Lopez are talking low temperature, vacuum machines, and more! Find out if bone-in meat actually affects flavor, and learn if you can use your bread machine for low temperature cooking. What types of vacuums make for better food quality? Later Dave talks about the benefits of culinary school, and find out how to improve your culinary skills at home. How can you keep your leftover fried chicken crispy? Find out on this week's Cooking Issues! This program has been brought to you by Rolling Press.


"Theoretically, you could take a bread machine, externally control it, and hack the thing and use it as a low temperature cooker." [16:00]

"I think that the higher vacuums actually decrease the quality of the food." [26:45]

"You can learn to cook on your own, but it's very difficult to learn how to work in a restaurant on your own. You can learn that from working in a kitchen, or from culinary school." [38:45]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues