Dave Arnold calls in from Florida for this week's episode of Cooking Issues. Nastassia Lopez holds down the fort in Brooklyn, and is joined by Peter Kim of the Museum of Food and Drink. Hear the crew talk about MOFAD's Kickstarter project, and how they hope to bring interesting food exhibits across the country through a mobile museum model. Learn how to use the flavors of thai basil in your cooking. Find out about preserving deep fry oil and bacon grease, and learn the process of making spring roll wrappers. Is you homemade yogurt not thick enough? Try combining kappa and iota carrageenan! Find out how aging eggs changes their pH, and so much more on this week's installment of Cooking Issues! Thanks to our sponsor, ChefSteps.


"Thai basil is an extremely fragile herb. It goes black extremely quickly and the enzymes go very fast." [9:30]

"A dry sandwich makes me just as sad as a wrap." [29:00]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues