Kate Arding of Culture Magazine talks about her cheese history on today's Cutting the Curd. Diane Stemple talks with Kate in the studio about her schooling background, and how Neal's Yard Dairy changed her perspective on cheese and high-end food markets. Listen in to hear Kate talk about traveling to Uganda and taking a break from cheese jobs. What's it like to work for Culture Magazine, and why do cheese connoisseurs love the rag so much? Find out why Kate and her partners decided to go forth and publish a magazine during publishing's decline. How did Kate come up with the idea for the 'cheese centerfold'? Find out on this week's Cutting the Curd! This program has been sponsored by Consider Bardwell.



"If we did a consumer publication, it would be read by the trade- but if we did a trade publication, consumers wouldn't read it." [22:40] -- Kate Arding on Cutting the Curd