"I am obsessed with other people's obsessions" This quote sets the tone for how engaged and involved you become when you read Cork Dork. Bianca Bosker, previously the executive tech editor at the Huffington Post, left her job and set out to understand Sommeliers and their obsessions, whilst trying to become a certified Somm in under one year. In today's interview we get to hear about Bianca's journey from philistine to blind taster, the sacrifices she made, is fine wine a genuine industry or just a playground for the rich, and the truth about how knock-off mass production wines are created. Bianca has an incredible story and deserves respect and applause for the depths that she went to in one year. This book has opened my eyes to the true value of wine and has become a springboard to continue my education. Cork Dork is now available online and in-stores. Follow @bbosker on Instagram to see more.