Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are highlighting the importance of yeast on this week's episode of Fuhmentaboudit! Tune into this program to hear Chris and Mary chat with Jess Caudill of Wyeast. Tune in to hear Jess discuss the three yeast strains in the Wyeast Private Collection - the British Cask Ale, the Biere de Garde, and the Belgian Dark Ale. Find out how you can use these different strains in different styles to produce a truly unique beer! Learn how to culture a yeast from your favorite bottle-conditioned beer, and find out what Wyeast is doing with brettanomyces for upcoming releases! Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales stops by the studio to talk about the use of yeast in his brews. Find out how Brian used macrobrew ingredients and strange yeast strains to make the eccentric Stillwater Premium! Find out how different strains react to temperature, and why saisons are great for homebrewers in hot climates! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market.


"Don't be afraid to use this yeast (Wyeast 1026) in a wide range of styles. It's great for IPAs and stouts, so don't be scared!" [5:30]

-- Jess Caudill on Fuhmentaboudit!

"The 'Premium' is a deconstruction of the post-Prohibition light lager: the most definitive American beer." [21:15]

-- Brian Strumke on Fuhmentaboudit!