This week's Food Talk with Mike Colameco features a packed menu. First up, Matt Rodbard and Deuki Hong, authors of the new cookbook Koreatown, talk about the staying power of Korean food culture in America. Next, Adam Gopnik of The New Yorker and Peter Hoffman of Back Forty West dish about cassoulet and the evolution of the New York food scene. Last but not least, sommelier Erin Healy of Restaurant Marc Forgione discusses developing her palate and putting her customers first.



"[Korean food] is not kale." [21:50] – Matt Rodbard

"[Cassoulet] is cooking beans and meat with what you have." [35:28] – Peter Hoffman

"Our essential job is not to put in front of someone something that we want them to drink. Our job is to find what they want, and put something in front of them that they like." [53:20] – Erin Healy